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Via the strong support from our customers and from local government, as well as the devotion of dedicated staff, we have become the leading iron oxide manufacturer in Asia with 160,000mt annual capacity. Now there are seventeen production lines including eight for red, six for yellow, one for black, two for green as base/blended products, and other facilities for micronized / calcinated grades.  


2019: Completion of overall upgrade and renovation project

2018: Renovation of new red production line at Huayuan plant, and launch of new red plant: Guangxi Yongfu Huayuan Technology Co., Ltd

2017: Being re-identified as a Hi-tech enterprise

2016: Launch IPO process

2016: Buy out Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co., Ltd.

2015: Foundation of joint venture Guangxi Yongfu Huayuan Technology Co., Ltd.

2015: Got CE-category B certificate (EN12878)

2015: Award for energy metering

2015: Registered as provincial enterprise technology center

2014: Patents award by Zhejiang Provincial Government.

2014: Hi-tech enterprise certificate renew.

2013: Brenntag started to cooperate with our company as exclusive distributor in 34 European countries

2013: "HYROX" trademark was listed as the "Zhejiang Top Export Brand "

2013: "HYROX" brand iron oxide are rated as famous brand of Zhejiang Province

2012: Protea started to cooperate with our company as exclusive distributor.

2011: Got Hi-tech enterprise certificate

2010: Completed REACH registration, became the 1st registered iron oxide manufacturer in China.

2010: Got SA8000 (GB/T 28001 in China) certified

2010: Got CE certificate (EN12878)

2008: Tobacco grade iron oxide patent approve

2007: Invested USD4.5 million for Nitric ammonia treatment in sewage with 6000 tons daily capacity

2007: Got ISO14001 certificate

2006: Acquired Huzhou Dechang Iron Oxide Pigment Co. Ltd.

2006: "HUAYUAN" brand was awarded as the "Provincial Famous Product"

2005: Annual output reached 100,000 metric tons, and became the largest in CHINA

2004: Setting up 3MW thermo power plant

2004: HYROX brand registered overseas

2003: Foundation of joint venture Deqing Sanocon Pigment Co., Ltd.

2003: Joint venture Deqing TODA Sanfeng Pigment Co., Ltd. founded

2002: Acquired Deqing Hangde Chemical Co., Ltd.

2002: Company name changed to "Shenghua Group Deqing Huayuan Pigment Co., Ltd. "

2000: "HUAYUAN" trademark was successfully registered in the State Trademark Bureau

1998: Got ISO9001 certificate

1996: Company name changed to "Deqing Huayuan Pigment Co., Ltd."

1994: Joint venture Huzhou Sanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. started production

1993: Huzhou Sanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. under construction